Saturday, March 27, 2010


Well, the pictures are all out of order and such, but it has been months, so there a a bunch of different photos here! Yay for spring finally! It is so nice to see the ground again and to be able to go outside and start enjoying the weather!Our first trip to the beach this year. It was about 75 degrees outside last Saturday, and Molly and I were out running our Saturday errands. She was so funny, she looked up at me and said, "Mommy, I think I just need to go to the beach today." I mean, how can you say no to that, and it was a gorgeous day out!!! So we stopped off at home quick for a potty break for Molly and off we went! It was beautiful and there were a good amount of people out and walking their dogs because the beaches haven't officially opened.
And best of all, it was a GREAT time that I got to spend with Molly!
We had Lola when my parents were on vacation in Florida, which Molly LOVED. I just thought this was a cute picture of her with Lola and Sophia and if you look her 2 massive stuffed animal dogs name Max and Rufus and her little stuffed dog named Baby Lola.
Do you think Molly is into dogs?? :)

Watching a movie with Max and Rufus

Molly is such a great helper in the kitchen, and I love making different things with her. This was a recipe from the Kraft magazine that I tried to make a little healthier. You take low fat Nilla wafers and cover the side of a baking pan with it and then you make this pudding filling with cream cheese, no fat lemon jello and fat free cool whip. then you layer the filling with nilla wafers and raspberry preserves.... sounds good right? the picture in the magazine looked good too!
Buuut, it wasn't that great - i think I ate it once and Joe and Molly didn't like it at all... so now we will just have to try something new!

Thanks Aunt Jaclyn for the princess umbrella!

It was one of the first warmer days in March, so I had to take some pictures. We had been cooped up inside from the snow and then we had days and days of rainfall. So both Molly and I and even Sophia were thrilled to get to play outside!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


No pictures for this post.
It has been a long time since I have really posted anything - like almost 2 1/2 months.
Things have been a little hectic and overwhelming around here, and I wanted to give myself enough time before I posted.
In November on my birthday, Joe and I found out that we had a positive pregnancy test - yay! We were so happy, and finally the Lord had answered our prayers and allowed us to expand our family. We were about 4 weeks along at this time. It has been very difficult for Joe and I to get pregant, which was such a hard concept for us because Molly was a surprise gift and blessing to us when we got married.
About a week from us finding that we were pregnant, I started to bleed, and had some tests done, and come to find out that my hormone levels were too low to sustain the pregnancy and we lost the baby. That was about at 5 weeks.
It has been pretty hard, on both myself and Joe, but through the last month or so especially, the Lord has given me a peace, and I have let go some of the anger that I had. Does my heart still hurt? Absolutely, BUT I know and I believe and I rest and put my faith in MY Lord and Savior and that His plan is so much better than ANYTHING that I could imagine.
I always said to God after seeing people have miscarraiges, that I could never have that happen to me, because I just didn't think that I was strong enough of a person to deal with it. Funny how things turn out. But God has shown me, and thank heavens I don't have to rely on myself or be strong in myself. That the Lord is strong for me and I can lean on Him and depend on Him for all things.
My husband, Joe, has been a wonderful pillar of strength for me and has been so patient with my emotional mess and even as he is saddened for our loss, has supported me more than I really know. I believe that this has strengthened our marraige and has brought us closer together as well as closer to the Lord together.
I am one to talk. It takes a lot for me to listen. I have to actually actively listen, because I am so prone to just talk - to people or to God. I found that I was doing a lot of "talking" and not so much listening to God during this whole time. I was asking the Lord to show me and reveal Himself and His will to me, but I was so busy speaking that I wasn't hearing anything.
Joe gave me a challenge. He challenged me to be still and silent in the Lord and wait for the Lord to reveal to me what He wanted me to read in His Word. That was such a new concept to me because I always felt like I needed to search for a magic passage in the Bible or read a devotional to hear what the Lord wanted to tell me. But I took the challenge, and wow... It has changed my perspective on how to listen to God - it is not easy to do so all the time, because I catch myself speaking to much, but it is funny that when you just listen and open your heart, God will reveal Himself to you.
I also had to stop asking for the big picture. I am so focused on the big picture, that the little things that were happening or I needed were being missed. And the funny thing is, if you allow God to take control of the little things in life, the bigger peices just fit together so much easier.
Lord, show me to be content with what I have TODAY and not let me worry about what is in store for tomorrow or the next week or next year. Show me what You want me to learn TODAY, at this moment.
"Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus"
I Thessalonians 5:18


Snow storm of the century here in Jersey! I haven't seen this much snow here since I was a kid! It was great though, because we were able to have a white Christmas!Getting all bundled up to go outside.No, she didn't have snow pants on. She now has snowpants, now that we are having weather in the 40's, BUT at least now she has snowpants.The dogs paying in the snow. Lola was all upset because she couldn't find any of her tennis balls and Sophia is just a maniac in the snow burrowing and making puppy tunnels.

Here are some pictures from Christmas time. We had Christmas Eve here at our house, which was the first time the Sperling's have had Christmas at my grandparents' house since my Bestamor (grandmother) had passed away. It was so nice to have it at the house and to have almost everyone here to celebrate. Missy and Scott, you and your fams were missed!

Molly playing with Corey and Uncle with her new cookie set. I think the 2 of them are having just as much fun making cookies as she is!The tutu and magic wand from Missy Tim and Charlie. Molly takes her princesshood very serioulsy and was so happy to receive her princess goodies!Christmas morning. Molly had left Santa cookies and the Reindeer carrots for a snack. In return, Santa left her a note to say thank you for his treat, and also to remind her of the main reason for Christmas, which is to remember the birth of our Savior.

Molly insisted that Santa and the Reindeer didn't eat anything because there were still crumbs. Next year, I will have to remind Santa not to leave any crumbs behind....

We want Molly to enjoy Santa, but Joe and I also don't want her main thought of Christmas to be Santa and presents. This year was even more exciting to see her grasp the concept of celebrating Jesus' birthday and who Jesus is as well as just enjoying the season!Opening presents. I think it was all a little overwhelming for her - I think we all forgot she is only 2! She opened about 2 presents at home and then told us she couldn't open any more presents because her "fingers hurt" - such the princess!After opening presents at our house, we went to NaNa and Pop's. Molly was kinda over the opening of the presents and when we tried to give her another gift to open, she would say "Not yet, I'm a little busy right now". So I ended up opening a lot of her gifts up at the end.She did get a new baby stroller, which she loves and stuffs all of her baby dolls in and takes them on "trips" - mainly to go see NaNa and PopPop Winkels.And she got a new kitchen set from NaNa and Pop for her big present. She LOVES this present and cooks us all sorts of great things now like eggs and watermelon sandwiches. yummy....
The best is she knows that she needs to wash her hands before preparing her gourmet meals!
I truly LOVE being a mother to a little girl.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


So Joe and I went down for a SHORT weekend to visit Jaclyn and Cat. It was a nice weekend and it was good to go back to Lynchburg, but WOW what a shock when you go back! It had been about a year and a half since we were last there, and there is so much that is different! It is more built up around the town, but that is to be expected, but really what was so overwhelming was Liberty's campus! It definitely is not the same university that I went to!
First there are just so many more people that are on campus now, but there are just so many other things that they have. For instance, paint ball, a ski thing (see below - it's not real snow, but you can ski on it), more dorms, Barnes and Nobles, Doc's Cafe, and on and on.
There is a different aire to it now too. Don't get me wrong, it was nice to go back and remember great memories, but things have changed there on campus, and I am not so sure if for the better. Do I still think that it's a great school? Yes! But I worry that they are steering away from the foundation that makes Liberty the great university that it is.
Anyways, as I ramble; we saw friends and family and it was very nice. We definitely wished we had more time to see more people and relax, but hopefully we will be able to go down again during the spring or summer to visit longer. Molly stayed at home with NaNa and Pop, so it was good to enjoy time with just Joe!
And we did just that on the ride home! It normally takes 6-6.5 hours to get home, and it took a whopping 10 HOURS Sunday to get home. I was never so happy to drive into NJ and smell the wonderous aroma!
We also stopped on Friday to visit Joe's aunt Lyn and Carol, which was great! It had been a while since we last saw them, so it was so nice to just catch up and see how all were. Thanks again, Lyn for letting us come and visit!
The ski thing - Joe told me what it was made out of, but I don't remember. It looks like velcro and then there are water sprinklers... so it's not real snow - and you can only use it when it's not below freezing - or something.... Josh Joe and Zach - good to see family!
Me and Cat - haven't seen her in 2 years! too long!

And, of course, Miss Jaclyn!

It was a great visit, just a little on the short side, but so good to see everyone and of course eat at Tokyos (I wanted to order some and bring it home, but Joe told me that I was being a little ridiculous, so I just ate my whole entire plate - yes all of it - and then had a belly ache from the yum yum sauce all the way home - I should've just brought it home to enjoy!)


It, of course, has been too long - again - it seems so hard lately for me to actually get on the competer and update anything! Things are going well. Joe is still in school and it is coming along - it is a hard semester and the beginning of the semester was packed with projects - it has slowed down a little for him, but not for long!
Molly is doing well - she was sick for a bit with bronchitis and ear infections, but thank heavens is much better now! If only she would stop waking up in the middle of the night!! She has been doing this since about 22 months, and if anyone has any suggestions, I am all for them! She tells Joe and I that she can't go to bed because she's scared and that she's too little...
But really all is well.
Below are pictures at the Mannesquan Reservior from the other day. Molly had just gotten better and desperately needed to get OUT of the house! It was a nice little walk and I was able to sneek in a couple of good pictures of us all!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So Molly and I took a trip to Wisconsin to see everybody inlcuding our newest edition to the family, Miss Julia! We had a GREAT time - Joe was bummed because he had to stay back, and we did miss him, but it was so good to see everyone.
Julia is just a little sweet pea. She is so mild and is doing so well! Molly and John-David really played well together and enjoyed having each other around. This was the first time that the 2 could really play together and have conversations now that Molly is a little older, so it was so fun to watch.
Here are some pictures of highlights of the trip.
Saying Cheese and just being goofy - they kept wanting me to take pictures of them, and then every time took a picture, they would jump down and want to see it.
Playing Hide and Seek - Molly really believed that no one could see her.... hahaha aww...
At Monkey Joes - which is an inside jungle gym. Here is Molly riding the horse - about 2 minutes later she completely fell off the horse and hit her head - I was too busy taking cute pictures of my daughter to be by her side.... but no worries, she was just fine.
All of the pieces were inflatable - The 2 had a great time~!
At the pumpkin patch.
Stealing apples from the treeYou definitely can tell that they are cousins!!

And here are some pictures of sweet Julia LoRayne Miller. She really is such a good baby, and I am so happy that she is finally here and that her and Mags are doing so well! If I thought that I could get away with stealing her, I would, but I know Maggie has been waiting for this little one for some time! Welcome little girl to the family! We love you!

Molly was able to hold Julia on the last night we were there. She was so excited to meet her. On the way to Wisconsin she said "Mommy, I CANT wait to see baby julia!!"
She actually tried to take Julia from my arms because she wanted to hold her so bad. She would just stand next to me or try to sit right into my lap if I was holding her and pet her and count her fingers.
When we let her hold her for the pictures, she did such a great job! You could tell that she was taking this very seriously and was very quiet and had this grin on her face that just said it all - she was so happy and proud of herself for holding the baby!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


And of course, it has been another long while since I have posted pictures, so here are a couple of pics of what has been going on. I am going tomorrow to see my new niece, so once I am back from the trip I will have more to post!
The beginning of fall started off warm, but now it is starting to get cooler, which is good for me beacause I am ready to pull out my sweaters!
Here was Monmouth Battlefield Park. Joe and I took Molly and Sophia. It is a beautiful park - you actually forget that you are in NJ! There are a ton of apple, and peach orchards as well as pumpkins and strawberries. It was a beautiful day and I can't wait to go back to get our pumpkins for this year!
See how pretty! Then Molly, NaNa and I went to visit in NY my mom's side of the family, which was great for me because I had not been there for years! Aunt Donna took us to a rescue farm and Molly got to chase all the goats and lambs around and pet them. We also went antiquing. It was a lot of fun to have a weekend with just the girls - even Molly said that she liked antiquing!

Brushing our teeth. We had our first dentist's visit a couple of weeks ago. Molly had some grey marks on her teeth, and I freaked out. But they were only stains and the dentist was great! She was so good with Molly and gave me rules that I had to follow when we were in the room... I even got a report card for how well I was brushing her teeth - which I got a C on - yes I do brush my daughter's teeth every night, but sometimes it is hard to get a moving target. But the doctors was great and showed me some moves to help get those back teeth!

Ahhh, baby... Molly is obsessed with her baby dolls. With feeding them, dressing them, giving them milk, taking them on trips in her stroller, giving them time outs, whatever it is, baby is along for the ride. Joe got her this new baby doll that is for the bath, so she takes it into the bath with her every night and washes her hair - it is so cute. She sings the baby rock-a-bye baby... it really is funny because she thinks she knows all the words....
And our first in grown toe nail...... ugh!
except that she likes to soak her toes, but she wont let me look at them afterwards....
Thank heavens it is all better now.
Molly is also wearing one of the nightgowns that Grandma Fran made for her too! My Grandma made Molly liek 5 fall jumpers, 3 nightgowns, 2 fleece jackets, a bunch of hats and a beautiful dressy winter coat (she looks like mary tyler moore!)
I wish I had Granny Fran's sewing abilities. Everything she made was absolutely beautiful!!!!